Sellers FAQ

Where will my fan art be sold?

  • Website (
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Social Media


And my earnings?

  • £2 per T-shirt
  • £3 per Hoodie / Sweatshirt
  • More items to be added soon


How do I get my earnings?

  • End of each month
  • To your desired bank account / Paypal
  • Automatic payment
  • Automatic full breakdown report of all your order details and the end of each month
  • Currency payment in £’s


My designs belong to me and me only?

  • You are the full rights owner
  • No restrictions on your design for use with others sites/stores
  • If you decide to leave Cloud City 7 we will need 72 hours to remove your designs from the time you send your request
  • Any payment due will paid at the end of that month like usual
  • We will not use your design for anything but the agreed sales channels and marketing purposes
  • We will not sell your design on to any third parties without your consent


I have fan art but I guess you have some rules? What is a no?

  • No profanity
  • No explicit imagery
  • No hate speeches
  • No religious icons


All sounds good, what do I need to do?

  • Provide payment details (where you want us to pay)
  • Feel free to upload as much as you like. We have no limit for our illustrators
  • Be the legal owner of original artwork
  • Contact us if you have any problems or unhappy with something


I'm in, how can I send it?

  • We Transfer, Drop Box, Email
  • Front Only (back and full front/back sublimation coming soon)   
  • Resolution at 300DPI
  • Dimensions of the artwork to size. Maximum print bed size is 350mm x 450mm
  • Ideally files sent over as PNG, though we can work with other file types if needed
  • Transparency where relevant. If an image has a black background and is being printed on a black t-shirt, we want that black background removed and replaced with transparency. Or else you'll have black ink being printed on a black garment. (Our in house design team will judge this but let us know if you have any specifications)
  • All pixels in the artwork need to be 100% solid. Anything less than 100% solid will not print correctly on a coloured garment and will only be usable on a white t-shirt


I didn't find my answer, what now?

Contact us here